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Pigsty Religion

In Engage, Think by Dieter Randolph

Teenagers don’t clean their rooms because all they want to do is move out. Some feel ready for a bigger world, one lived on their own terms. Some know they’re …

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Adventure is Out There

In Think by Dieter Randolph

It’s been a full morning. Jenny and I walked along the water, as we often do. We were walking fast, and talking faster, as we often are. To our left …

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Stay Hungry

In Engage, Podcast, Think by Dieter Randolph

In the second episode of the Unity Society Podcast, Dieter and Jenny talk about the importance of staying awake, the balance between goals and contentment, and moving on in peace. …

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The Tao of Bill Murray

In Engage by Dieter Randolph

Bill Murray is my spirit animal.  If you know me, you’ve heard me say that once or twice.  I’ve never known why exactly, but I’ve always been a huge fan, …