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Accept no Substitutes

In Podcast by Dieter Randolph

Episode 15 – Dieter and Jenny talk about radical acceptance: the secret to healing and freedom.  They also talk about a lot of nerdy stuff.  Grab your Bible and your …

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Know when to Hold ‘Em

In Podcast, Think by Dieter Randolph

Episode 11 — Jenny and Dieter talk about living in faith, the two options we always have, and whether or not smoothies are in the divine plan. (They are not.) …

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Every Which Way but Loose

In Think by Dieter Randolph

If heaven is in our midst, we’re not talking about a place in the clouds. We’re not talking about something that happens after a lifetime of good deeds (or suffering, …

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Stay Hungry

In Engage, Podcast, Think by Dieter Randolph

In the second episode of the Unity Society Podcast, Dieter and Jenny talk about the importance of staying awake, the balance between goals and contentment, and moving on in peace. …