The Journey from Alone to All-one

A book about having faith, doing good, and letting go.

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Everybody Wants to Connect.

Each person has a desire for an experience of transcendence, love, or a bigger life. Some call that pull evolution, and for some it’s a matter of spiritual development. What if it’s both?

The way to embrace the challenge of existence is to see your present material circumstances as finite examples of an infinite nature. We call this exercise “Branching In,” because we are working from many individual manifestations to one timeless Truth.

You don’t need anything extra to be who you already are.

Branching In is the process of understanding the current moment as the fruit of a more profound life experience. We follow it through branch and trunk back to root, and use that expanded awareness as the seed of something new.

Branching In: The Journey from Alone to All-one

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Branching In is available to retail resellers through all conventional channels, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and CreateSpace Direct. The ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers are 0692816607 and 978-0692816608, respectively.

About the Authors

We are Dieter and Jenny Randolph. We are here to remind you that God is good, which means that YOU are good. When you know that, it’s your job to do good in the world. We met when we were teenagers, and haven’t left each other’s side since. Along the way we’ve had amazing adventures and life-altering learning opportunities. We are still growing up together, and love sharing what we find along the way. In the course of a single year, we got married, started a storefront church, and saw the birth of our first child, all before either of us was old enough to rent a car. In the more than twenty years since then, we haven’t stopped moving.