The Unity Society is here to help people express and endorse spiritual integrity in everyday life. We want to help you lead an enthusiastic, awake, joyful, passionate life, because that’s how the world gets changed. We are all in this together.

Our primary work here at the Unity Society is publication; please check out our Branching In page to see our latest offering.

The Unity Society is not a church, and we have no exclusive membership policies or organizational demands. Instead, our goal is to inspire you to live your Truth and inspire your world, wherever you are.

We think going to church is a good idea, though. If you choose to go to our sister church, Water and Stone, or to find a Unity center in your area, we want you to attend as the spiritual equivalent of an informed consumer. We are here to promote a grassroots excitement about living and learning the foundational Unity teachings.

In Peace. On Purpose. All One.

A Link in the Chain

The Unity Society operates under its own charter, and is not organizationally affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, the Association of Unity Churches, Unity School, the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity, the Unity-Progressive Council, or any of the myriad organizations and groups that use the name Unity and seek to uphold and advance the traditional Unity teachings. We do proudly affirm an ideological and spiritual bond with these and any other Unity groups, and support the activities of each and all who strive to understand and live these beliefs.

Find a Unity Church

The best way to continue your journey is to find the Unity church in your community; there’s one closer than you think! The following resources can help you locate your nearest church: